Showing how it’s done

Back in the summer Gower Gas & Oil Heating Services called out to the good people of Swansea to help drive and get funding for a project of creating a video to go with an anthem written to celebrate Swansea50. “This Is Our City” is written by Mike and Becca Mullan, from Dancerama, and will be sung by the remarkable talent that is Justine Afante who at 12 looks set for a superstar singing career. The plan was to get a professionally recorded video done to capture the City in all its colourful and embracing glory.

Gower Gas & Oil

Julie Jones, Gower Gas & Oil – “We’ve worked with Mike & Rebecca on our “Don’t Dance Alone” campaign and really wanted to help drive the funding for their project and to tap into our contacts to bring as wide, diverse and all embracing group possible together for a video they plan to make to share our regions spectacular scenery, interests, culture and characters.”

For more information, see our friends at 4TheRegion